Breville Smart Oven Accessories

If you are thinking about purchasing a Breville Smart Oven or already have one, then there are a few additional accessories that you may want to consider buying.

The video below is a quick overview of the ones available for the largest BOV800XL model.  However, you can find more information and details about each item as well as the accessories offered for the other Breville models below the video.

Accessories for the Breville BOV800XL

Breville BOV800CB Bamboo Cutting BoardBy far the most popular accessory and as one customer put it “kind of essential,” the bamboo cutting board is definitely worth taking a look at.

Measuring 17-3/4 x 10 x 1-1/4 (L x W x H), the cutting board is designed to fit perfectly on top of the Smart Oven.

Its raised silicon feet are shaped to fit into the groves on top, so the cutting board is firmly planted with no worries of sliding around.  The mounted silicone feet also ensure proper ventilation and because they’re made of silicone, there is no fear of melting.

Being made of bamboo, it is the ideal cutting board as it naturally has antibacterial properties and absorbs little water.  Additionally, bamboo is harder than other types of chopping boards so it is less prone to getting scuffed up.

The board can also be used as a serving tray and is easy to carry with its recessed handles.

What really makes the cutting board such an important piece, is that it protects both the oven and the end user. By resting on top, the board acts like a buffer and protects you from the heat (the top of the oven gets really hot so this reduces risk of burns) and the oven’s nice stainless steel finish is protected from getting marked up.  Moreover, you can safely store items on top of the board that you wouldn’t normally be able to do.

Finally, it just looks good!   The board is a nice finishing touch and a clever space saver.

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Breville BOV800PC13 13-Inch Pizza CrisperIf you like making your own pizzas, which the smart oven does excellently, then the Breville BOV800PC  13-inch Pizza Crisper may be a good buy for you.

Made of non-stick material and with 1/3 inch holes, the pizza crisper will get your pizza that nice crispy texture that you are looking for.

Additionally, it can be used for any other items that you’d like to see made crispier.  Overall, a good purchase for those that like crispy foods.

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Breville BOV800PS Piza StonePizza lovers may also like the Breville BOV800PS 13-inch Pizza Stone.

The pizza stone has a porous surface which allows the moisture from the bread to be absorbed, resulting in a nice crisp brown surface. The stone also distributes the heat evenly so that no one spot is cooked more so than another.

It is also great for baking breads and may be used for baking other items.

The stone is easy to clean, but customers noted that over time it will become stained.

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Breville BOV650XL Compact Oven Accessories

Breville BOV650CB Bamboo Cutting BoardThe Breville BOV650CB Bamboo Cutting Board is specifically made for the mid size Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven and is a must have accessory.

Like the one made for the BOV800XL, this one also sits perfectly on top of the compact oven and offers the same benefits.

Made of excellent bamboo material, it is tougher than other boards and offers natural bacteria fighting properties.

The main attraction, however, is that the board protects you from the top of the oven’s hot surface.

Also acting as a convenient serving tray and place to store items, the bamboo cutting board is something that if you don’t buy when you purchase your smart oven, will very likely buy shortly after.

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NOTE: At this time there are no additional accessories available for the Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven.

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