Common Toaster Oven Complaints

If you have spent any time researching toaster ovens and reading what people have to say about them, then you have probably noticed some glaring observations.

Poor Quality: The first thing you will come to realize is that many reputable brands, which in the past produced quality toaster ovens at a reasonable price, have really lowered their standards and now produce sub-standard toaster ovens (obviously not all) or the quality ones that they do produce are  more expensive.

In almost any customer review section of any model or brand, you will find people complaining about how “they just don’t make them like they used to.” This is found in both the low-end models (people complaining about the quality) and the high-end models (people complaining about the price they have to pay for a quality product).

While technology has improved significantly and there are excellent toaster ovens out there (like the Breville Smart Ovens), this customer sentiment about quality does hold some truth. In an effort to minimize costs, more brands have shipped their manufacturing facilities overseas, which has produced lower quality products in some cases.

The truth is that to get a quality toaster oven that does what you want it to do, you typically need to spend over $100. There are some good quality toaster ovens for less (the Cuisinart TOB-40 comes to mind), however, by and large, the toaster ovens that are in a comfortable price range for consumers are often riddled with problems.

Even though buying a quality toaster oven these days can cost more than before, all is not doom and gloom. Toaster ovens are still great buys and they do offer many great benefits. But, you definitely need to read the latest toaster oven reviews to see which models and brands are currently the best as this can change with time.

Ouch! That’s Hot:  Another common gripe found is that the exterior of many toaster ovens get hot. In general, you will find this to be true for most toaster ovens – they are mini ovens after all.  However, this is especially true with the lower-end and smaller units as they don’t have as much insulation as the larger and more expensive units do.

If you do end up purchasing a lower-end or budget model that throws off a lot of heat, just make sure the proper safety measures are taken, like leaving enough free space around the oven.

No Interior Light: Although not a big issue for some, not having an interior light does bother a lot of people and this unfortunately is a feature that most toaster ovens lack.  If you are interested in a toaster oven that does come with a light, the Oster TSSTTVMNDG would be a good option.

Defective Units:  As with all kitchen appliances, you will occasionally get a lemon.  It is not uncommon to read reports of customers receiving toaster ovens that don’t function properly, are missing parts, or something breaks early on.  For this reason, it is important to look at the manufacturer’s length of warranty and purchase from a reputable retailer.  We recommend making your toaster oven purchase from as they consistently have the lowest prices and provide excellent customer service.

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