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Waring TC0650Waring Pro TCO650
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What are the dimensions?

Height = 10.8″, Length = 14.5″, Width = 17″

Does the exterior get hot?

Yes.  It is an oven and it will get hot, but not more so than other toaster ovens available.  It is always recommended to follow the instructions in the user manual and take good safety precautions.

How is the beeping sound and can you turn it off?

The beeping sound is loud, but it can be turned off.  By default, it will beep each time you make a selection, when you push the Start button, when the oven has reached temperature, and it will also beep when finished with the cooking cycle.  There is no way to lower the volume, but you may disable the beep by pushing and holding the Toast and Bagel buttons for 5 seconds.

Is it good for toasting?

Yes.  It is one of the best toaster ovens out there for toasting.  There are six levels of darkness to choose from (level 3 is most popular) and you should be quite happy with the results.

Will a 9″ by 13″ dish fit?

No, a 9″ x 13″ dish will not fit in the Waring TCO650.

Can you bake a pie?

Yes, you could use the bake or convection bake options to bake a pie or cake.

What size pizza will it fit?

The TCO650 has a round bump in the back that will accommodate most 12″ pizzas.

What is the temperature range?

The temperature can be adjusted by 25°F increments from 150°F to 450°F.

What is the interior made of?

The interior is made up of aluminized steel.

Where is it made?

This unit is made in China.

What color does it come in?

In some pictures it may look like the whole unit is black, but it is not.  The exterior is actually stainless steel.   Only the control panel is black.

Does it have an interior light?

No.  Very few toaster ovens have an interior light these days.

Is it good for broiling food?

Yes, it broils very well.

Does it have a grounded 3 prong plug?

No, it doesn’t.  It has a polarized 2 prong plug.  If you are looking for toaster ovens with 3 prong plugs, click here.

Can you roast a whole chicken?

Yes, you will be able to roast a whole chicken in the Waring TCO650.

How many heating elements are there?

There are 2 elements on the top and 2 on the bottom.


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