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Oster TSSTTVMNDG Digital Large Capacity Toaster Oven Review


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Price: $79 - $99

If you want a large capacity convection toaster oven that bakes great, is easy to use, and is fairly priced, the Oster TSSTTVMNDG is a great option.

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If you’re a fan of baking, then you are going to like the Oster TSSTTVMNDG large capacity convection toaster oven – especially if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.  It is one of the better toaster ovens for baking and with its convection fan, very user friendly digital controls, and large capacity, you’ll probably find it acting as your second/replacement oven.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 22.5″ x 18.1″ x 14.6″
  • Convection: Yes
  • Slice capacity: 6 slices
  • Black with brushed stainless accents
  • Functions: Toast, Bake, Convection Bake, Broil, Warm, Defrost, Pizza (up to 12″)
  • User friendly digital controls
  • Interior light
  • Timer –  up to 90 minutes with automatic shut off
  • Temperature –  up to 450°
  • Clock
  • 2 rack positions
  • Front access removable crumb tray
  • Easy to clean interior walls
  • Included: baking pan, broiling rack
  • Polarized 2 prong plug

The Oster TSSTTVMNDG receives a lot of praise for its cooking ability and ease of use.  It is a large capacity toaster oven with a convection fan feature, which allows it to cook food faster and more conveniently than a traditional wall oven.  It is large enough to fit a 9″ x 13″ baking pan, but this is only true if the pan doesn’t have handles (with handles won’t fit at this size).  Additionally, it is one of the cheapest toaster ovens you can find with digital controls – and they are very easy to figure out!

80% of customers gave the Oster TSSTTVMNDG 4 or 5 stars and many felt it was an excellent bang for your buck.  Below we will examine the highlights of what people say about the toaster oven and cover the strong and negative points regarding it.


The exterior of the Oster TSSTTVMNDG is black with some brushed stainless accents.  It is an attractive looking toaster oven and customers said that it felt light weight, but sturdy – especially the door.  Many liked the high quality feel of the door.  It has a really big handle, which is cool to the touch and easy to open.  It also seals well and opens and closes without any problems.

Understand that this is NOT a stainless steel toaster oven – it has some stainless accents, but the body is black.  Some people felt they were mislead by the advertisements on Amazon.

Toasting & Cooking

The Oster TSSTTVMNDG has 7 cooking functions: Toast, Bake, Convection Bake, Broil, Warm, Defrost, and Pizza. However, people buy this toaster oven primarily for its baking ability.  At this price point, it is one of the best you can find with a convection fan.

Baking: People were very happy with the baking results stating that the toaster oven heats up pretty quickly, bakes fast with the convection fan, and bakes evenly.    Also, this is one of the few toaster ovens that actually gets to, and holds within 10 or so degrees of the temperature that it is set for.

Defrost:  This function works very well (better than a microwave some said).  It doesn’t dry out or cook the food.

Warm:  Customers really liked this feature and said it was great for reheating leftover food because it doesn’t leave the food soggy like a microwave does.

Broil:  Nothing special here, just your standard broil function.

Pizza: Pizzas come out perfectly with a nice, crisp brown bottom and can fit up to a 12 inch pizza.

Toast: While the baking aspect and other functions received high praise, the same can’t be said about the toasting ability of this toaster oven.  Many said that toasting can be a bit tricky.  The ability to make 6 slices at the same time is convenient, but this toaster oven is a bit slower at toasting and customers said you need to keep an eye on it with any setting over 1.  It has a tendency to burn the toast on the higher settings.

For best results, customers found that it was better to use the middle rack position.  Still, customers said that because of its large size and that the heating elements are farther away, the toast can get dried out by the time it gets toasty.

Overall, we would rate the toasting function as average.  It’s not great, but it’s not the worst out there either.

If toasting is your primary use of a toaster oven, and you want to stay in the same price range, then we recommend the Cuisinart TOB-40.
If you want a toaster oven that both bakes and toasts perfectly, we recommend the Breville Smart Oven.


Using the Oster TSSTTVMNDG

At this price range, the Oster TSSTTVMNDG is one of the least expensive toaster ovens with a digital control panel.  The controls are very easy to use and have a similar look and feel to that of a microwave.

One of the best things about this toaster oven is that it’s one of just a handful of toaster ovens that come with an interior light.  The light is bright enough to easily see all of the food inside.  It also comes on automatically when you press the start button and shuts off when the timer runs out.  You also have the option to manually turn it on or off with the push of a button.

The timer is very accurate, and will shut down when the time is up.  It also beeps to alert you when the time is up.  The sound of the beep is somewhat low though, so customers said you need to be nearby to hear it.  The timer is also set for 30 minutes and you have to hit the button for each minute you want to reduce or increase the time.

Additionally, the toaster oven comes with a front access removable crumb tray that works great, catches everything, and is easy to clean.

Careful! The wire rack doesn’t have a stop when pulled out. So, if pulled out too far, it may fall along with the food on it. 

Overall, this toaster oven is very easy to use.  You just need to be careful by not pulling out the rack too far.


This toaster oven comes with a good quality baking pan, broiling rack, and removable crumb tray.  It also comes with an instruction manual, but many felt it wasn’t very thorough.  Fortunately, the toaster oven is pretty easy to figure out without this.

Customer Wishes & Complaints

The biggest issue with this toaster oven is that it has a fundamental problem with the clock, not to be confused with the timer.  Numerous people said that the clock is fast, gaining many minutes a day.  As annoying as this was to some, others didn’t take too much issue with it since many other appliances already come equipped with a clock.  Regardless, it is an item included with the purchase and it should work properly.

One feature customers wished to have seen with this toaster oven was an alert system to let you know when the oven has reached its set temperature.  The oven beeps to let you know when the time has finished, but not when it has reached the desired temperature.

Also, this oven can get hot and some complained about this.  However, this is a very common complaint found with almost all toaster ovens, and this one actually seems to do a better job of not throwing off as much heat as others.

Lastly, a couple people took issue with the 2 prong, ungrounded power cord of the Oster TSSTTVMNDG.  2 prong power cords poses a greater electrical hazard than 3 prong ones.  However,  many toaster ovens come with a 2 prong cord, so most didn’t view this as an issue.

Summary of the Oster TSSTTVMNDG

For the price, the Oster TSSTTVMNDG is an excellent value toaster oven.  It’s large capacity makes it very versatile and with its great baking/convection baking ability, it makes cooking with it really convenient.

The functionality of the toaster oven is also user friendly and the benefit of having an interior light sets it apart from others. Yes, the clock on it is horrible, but compared to other more serious issues that can be found with toaster ovens, having a poor clock is minor and can be easily solved by using the clock from another appliance or hanging a clock in the Kitchen.

While the Oster TSSTTVMNDG is okay for making toast, it is not great.  Therefore, if toasting is a major part of your daily toaster oven use, then you would probably be happier with a toaster oven that really excels at this function (any of the Breville or Cuisinart models would be good).


  • Versatile
  • Bakes great
  • Maintains set heat temperature
  • Interior light
  • Front access crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • User friendly digital controls
  • Auto shut off
  • Good overall value


  • Poor clock (it speeds up on its own)
  • No beep to let you know oven is at temperature
  • Average toast ability for the price




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2 Comments/Reviews

  • Paul says:
    3 stars

    I just hooked up my Oster toaster oven today….and noticed the clock sped up by a few minutes..reset..then tried the microwave and watched the clock time advance while the microwave was on. The microwave messes up the clock.

  • kathy says:
    5 stars

    I LOVE my toaster oven I have had 3 in my live time an this is the best ever. I LOVE the size and I know after 30 mins it will automatically cut off. This is a plus.

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