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Oster TSSTTVXLDG Toaster Oven Review


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Price: $108.90

When you need an extra large convection oven or want something to act as a 2nd oven, the Oster TSSTTVXLDG could be just what you're looking for.

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Features and Specifications

  • Height = 16.4″, Length = 23.9″, Width = 20.8″
  • Convection: Yes
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Extra large capacity can fit a 9″ by 13″ dish with handles, 14 slices of bread, or a 16″ pizza
  • Functions: Toast, Bake, Convection Bake, Broil, Warm, Defrost, and Pizza
  • 2 rack positions
  • Digital controls
  • Auto shut off
  • 90 minute timer
  • Temperature range: 150°F to 450°F
  • Removable enamel baking pan, broil rack, 2 wire racks, and a crumb tray are included
  • Polarized 2 prong plug


The first thing that jumps out at you with the Oster TSSTTVXLDG is its enormous size.  It really is huge, and may even be bigger than your microwave.  And while its large size commands space, it isn’t an eye sore.  Its brushed stainless steel exterior looks good and the unit has a clean look to it. The back of the unit also has a round bump that protrudes out to allow for cooking large size pizzas.

Toasting & Cooking

Because of its large size, many people are drawn to the endless cooking possibilities that can be performed in this oven.  It is one of the few toaster ovens out there that can accommodate a 9 inch by 13 inch dish that has handles.  Additionally, it can fit up to a 16″ pizza, however, at that size it is pushing the limit and is probably best to cook a smaller one so that the air can circulate better.

This Oster toaster oven will definitely appeal more to people that like to bake, especially since it has a convection bake option which can cook food faster.  However, if you are not used to using a convection oven, it may take a little playing around with the temperature and time to get the best results.  Additionally, the user manual is not very thorough or helpful on this topic and does not provide recommended temperatures or times for commonly baked items in convection mode.

The ability to cook multiple items on the double racks is a nice feature and a real time saver when cooking for a large party.  The Warm feature is also nice to have when you want to reheat some leftovers and don’t want to overcook the food.

The oven falls way short though when broiling.  This is one area that could be improved.  In fact, many other reviewers have pointed this out as a common problem as well.  If you look at the oven, you’ll notice that the top rack is not positioned very close to the top element.  Therefore, the distance between the top element and rack makes it difficult to broil something effectively.  The food ends up being more baked than broiled.

With toast, it does a decent job.  It is not excellent, but few toaster ovens that bake great are and this one can accommodate more slices than most others as well.

Overall, this oven is really geared for baking. If you want perfect toast or intend on broiling a lot, you may want to consider something else (like a Smart Oven).

Using the Oster TSSTTVXLDG

This unit is digitally controlled by touchpad.  There are 7 functions to choose from (Toast, Bake, Convection Bake, Broil, Warm, Defrost, and Pizza) and are all clearly labeled.  The buttons can be difficult for some to use as they need to be pushed in the right spots and lack a bump or indicator as to where to push.  Moreover, there is no audible sound to let you know a function has been selected.  You must look at the display to see if the function you want has been selected.

To bake or use any function for that matter, simply place your food in the oven, push the function you want, then use the arrows to adjust the temperature and time, then hit Start.  If you need to stop the cycle early, hit the Stop button.  Otherwise, the oven will beep and shut off automatically when finished.  It should be noted that the sound of the beep is lower than other toaster ovens out there, which may not be good for people with hearing difficulties.

To toast, you have 6 levels of browness to choose from by using the arrows. The oven doesn’t remember the last toast setting that was used, so you have to put it to the one that you like each time.

You must be careful when opening the door as it is heavy and there isn’t a door stop which means it can come crashing down on your counter if not handled with care.  Additionally, there isn’t much space between the handle and the hot oven, so if you have big hands or simply are not careful, you could accidentally bump your fingers or knuckles and get burned.

Tip: Open the door with your palm facing up. This will limit the chance of unwanted finger burns.

The convection fan is audible, but not louder than other convection ovens on the market.

As with most toaster ovens, this one also comes with a short power cord.  Therefore, because of its large size, it is important that you have a place to put the unit that is located near an outlet.


The Oster TSSTTVXLDG comes with two removable wire racks, a front access removable crumb tray, and an enamel baking pan.

Customer Wishes & Complaints

There are many complaints about the short power cord, but this is something that is pretty standard with toaster oven appliances these days and not easily avoided.

Because of the large size of this oven, it would be good to have included an interior light. However, this is another area that manufacturers seem to be avoiding these days.  If you’re interested in an oven with an internal light, click here.

The door and its handle is another common gripe people have.  As mentioned earlier, the door must be opened carefully so that it does not slam on the counter (there is no door stop).  The handle is also close to the hot door with little space for you hands, so you must also be careful with where you put your hand when opening the door.

The touchpad controls could have been designed better so that they are easier to push.   Some people found them difficult to use.

While the oven does have a broil function, it does not do its job very well.  Therefore, some people were disappointed in its performance.

If you want to preheat the oven, you’ll have to guess when it has come to temperature.  There is no alert to let you know it is ready.

There were also a few reports of the clock running fast and adding minutes throughout the day.


  • Very large cooking capacity
  • Reasonable price for its size and that it has digital controls
  • Double racks for more food
  • Easy to use
  • Bakes well
  • Looks good


  • No interior light
  • Large footprint
  • Digital touchpad controls could be more sensitive to the touch
  • The door and handle could be designed better
  • Doesn’t broil well

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