Why Choose a Toaster Oven?

Simply put – toaster ovens are great!  Okay, we may be a little biased as we operate a website dedicated to toaster ovens.  However, the truth is that there are many reasons why someone would want to purchase a toaster oven.

If you’re viewing this page, then chances are you haven’t quite made up your mind if a toaster oven is right for you.  Hopefully after reading this though, we will have convinced you that this is a wise decision.

Toaster ovens are great for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest is that they are very versatile.  With many models offering a wide range of functions, such as toast, bake, broil, convection bake, defrost, warm, etc., they allow for a plethora of cooking options.

Because they are so versatile, they eliminate the need many times to have two appliances (a conventional wall oven and a toaster).  Think about how many times you’ve had to fire up the wall oven just to heat something small.  A toaster oven can do this task much quicker, which saves time and is more energy efficient.  Even the large capacity toaster ovens will heat up quicker and consume far less energy than a wall oven will.

There are times when a traditional oven is needed, however, there are many toaster ovens that are large enough and bake well enough to act as a complete replacement or second oven.  The Breville BOV800XL is a fine example of this.  It can virtually replace your wall oven for most cooking or baking needs.  The only time you would need to use the wall oven would be for very large items.

Additionally, the cost of a toaster oven is also much cheaper when compared to a conventional wall oven.  Even the most expensive toaster ovens will be much cheaper than a conventional oven and as previously mentioned, the toaster oven can cover most of your baking needs.

For toasting, it is true that a toaster is generally faster at toasting than a toaster oven, but toasters are much more limited in terms of what can be toasted.  A toaster oven has a larger capacity, which can not only toast larger items, but also more items at the same time.  This can be extremely handy come breakfast time when everyone is rushing to get ready for work and school.  Simply put all of the toast or bagels in at the same time, hit start, and that’s it!  You now have breakfast ready for all at the same time.

Toaster ovens are also great for the whole family to use.  They are very easy to use and even children (use your best judgement as to when they are responsible or old enough) can be taught how to use them safely.

Overall, toaster ovens provide many useful benefits.  Their versatility, convenience, and energy savings, however, are some of the principal attractions.

If you’re convinced that a toaster oven is right for you, we suggest reading our buyer’s guide that has our picks of the best toaster ovens.  There you’ll learn what to look for in a toaster oven and see which ones we feel are worthy of buying.

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